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CR8 Dining Experimental


The next CR8 Dining Experimental will be held in Berlin, Germany in spring 2021!!

Details Coming Soon!!


See the latest CR8  held in Los Angeles, CA and inspired by Frida Kahlo

Taste + Design = Movement

CR8 is a pop up dining installation concept based in Seattle, Washington.  What happens when changes happen to the order and expectations of what we were taught as to be normal?  We now have a blank canvas unto which we can paint new experiences to call our own. With the factors of location, ambiance, food and taste alterations along with new tools from the design world, it speaks of a new direction in dining.  An exploration in which creativity leads the flow of what is to happen and not what is normal and expected. Come with an open mind, free spirit and playful palate and hopefully you will  leave with a hint of emotional movement.  Chef tasting menu of 8 courses will take place.. No substitutions on the menu, please notify about any allergies…

CR8 Dark Illuminated Forest from Roberto Cortez on Vimeo.

CR8 Dining Experimental from Roberto Cortez on Vimeo.


VIDEO CONFESSIONS  Here what some of the diners that experience CR8 are saying about it!

*How was your experience tonight?


*What was your favorite course?


*What are your thoughts on Roberto?