London Proves Extraordinary

Crossing the atlantic to do a series of “Guest Chef” dinners is a large task on many levels.  The biggest element for me was just trying to overcome a 9 hour time change.  This is so important, as I would need to start working several days before, and that’s just to prep.  Packing some special equipment, spices and other rare elements was necessary to give this series a signature touch.

The Loft Project has become the top spot for chefs from around the world to explore and extend their signature style and cuisine.  Chefs like Nuno Mendes, Magnus Nilsson, Mauro Colagreco and next month, Kobe Desramaults of “In De Wulf” are becoming regulars at this Creative Dinner Venue in East London.  Coming from the Private Chef World, I sometimes hear myself labeled as a “newcomer” or often, “where did this guy come from” statement.  Nonetheless, I was excited that I was able to be among the other names that yield their knives and skills here.

A 7 course tasting was in order.  One that I felt showcased what I was trying to say and accomplish in a dish.  Some of my best and favorite dishes were among the lineup and even a last minute dessert that rang loudly in my head, was a last minute addition!  Working with Clarise Faria who runs The Loft Project, she was able to help me track down all the special ingredients and orders to be delivered.  This left me calm as I am a stranger in a chefs foreign land when it comes to sourcing the best that London has to offer.

River Thames, London, UK

The entrance to The Loft Project.

A quiet table rests in the days soft cloudy light.

A view of the kitchen.

Working the hot mousses, cleaning and organizing just before service.

A full table of some serious foodies!

Foie Gras Noodle, walnut oil cream, prosciutto, frozen grape, muscat gel, absinthe essence

Pear Panna Cotta, Jasmine rice cream, rocket snow, lemon verbena oil, hazelnuts, maple, champagne

Clarise helping me with Brioche aromatic!

Amedei Chuao cream, winter cherry skin, buckwheat, elements of cappuccino, pecan textural

After two wonderful evenings and successful dinners, I was asked to do another dinner.  So far the dates are looking to coincide with the London Design and Fashion Festival, maybe late August or early September.  I am looking forward to my second dinner series at the Loft.  Thanks to Boiron purees that came through for me at the last minute with their amazing purees!

Thank you Clarise and Nuno for the opportunity.  Also all of the staff from Viajante and everyone who worked to make the event special for the diners and myself!   See you in the Summer!