Artistry in Taste

Bobby Cortez

His culinary career spans over a 20 year period. In this time, Bobby Cortez has had the honor of being a private chef to Microsoft’s Paul Allen, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas, and Melanie Griffith, just to name a few. He was even asked to create a special Birthday Cake for Lady Gaga

His main creative focus lies in his expressive CR8 Dining Experimental. A pop-up dining installation group, where he incorporates design, architecture, new perspective ambiance, and innovative artistry in dining. A collaborative effort alongside talented people from around the world.

Since his last book “Senses in Sucrose”, Bobby’s mindset has been in searching new creative possibilities in photography. Realizing that this medium has an unlimited realm of expression, he has brought some to his upcoming book called “Emotional Delicacies”.

Cortez was classically trained in France at L’ Ecole Lenotre, Hotel Ritz L’ Ecole de Escoffier, Bellouet Conseil, and L’ Amandiers Ecole de Soleil, Le Cordon Bleu in Ottowa Canada and even with Albert Adria at Spain’s Chocovic school.